Diagnostic Checks - Tank Cleaning

Installation of external oil tanks
– Automatic filtering system


Due to the weathering of the oil, sediments and oxidations are often created on the bottom and walls of the oil tanks, as a result of which the oil is considered unsuitable for use.

In order to improve the operation of the H/Z and to avoid sticking of the oil pump and the burners (injectors), it is recommended:

Installation of external plastic ABC oil tanks of an approved type for oil and connecting them to the G/P (as metal tanks often show oxidations)

Chemical cleaning of oil tanks
Addition of anti-fungals (to keep sediments (fungus) suppressed) / oil improvers (to increase cetane numbers for oil explosiveness)
Installation of an automatic oil filtration system (for oil recirculation). 1 micron automatic filter machine consists of RACOR (US standard) filter, approved type pump and automation panel


They are created due to the humidity of the air on the cold metals. The photo shows the oil tank filler pipe of the H/Z. This is only “the tip of the iceberg”, because the same phenomenon occurs on the inner surfaces of the tank when it is not completely full. The accumulation of water in the oil favors and accelerates the formation of fungal sludge. In addition, it causes damage to the engine’s high pressure pump. How will we protect our machine?